The Cascade Plan covers the area west of the Illinois River, north of I-74, and east of OSF. It is a logical expansion of the River Trail Drive Plan, which creates new housing overlooking the Illinois River and Lake. The name "Cascade" refers to the concept of opening up vistas of the Lake from streets leading down to the River.
Several buildings in the past have blocked River views - this plan calls for opening up and preserving or restoring the vistas where possible. The development of the River Trail Drive Development should improve market demand for housing in this great neighborhood. The area will be conserved and promoted as a great urban infill community.

Cascade Plan

This plan shows the extension of River Trail Drive north of Spring Street, and extending north through the parking lot of the Detweiller Marina. New housing would be built on the first 60 feet of parking lot east of the railroad tracks overlooking the Marina and Lake. The road could be extended all the way north to Abbington Road, creating a one mile scenic drive from Water Street north to Abbington.

This land is owned by the Detweiller Trust, and any development decision is up to their Board. Quality housing could improve the Marina, providing security for the boats, housing people who appreciate and support boating on the River. The sale of a sixty food wide property would provide revenue to the Trust, and new middle class housing in the Heart of Peoria overlooking the River and Lake.

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